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Unique CBD combhoney from our own beekeepingcompany!

There is NO purer or rawer honey!

Our unique CBD comb honey is 100% naturally pure!

CBD honey is packed with healthy enzymes and antioxidants

Made entirely by our own bee colonies from nectar from flowers and CBD flowers in nature reserves in Limburg!

Unprocessed, no additives

CBD comb honey is also eaten neat by enthusiasts in chunks or on bread, crackers!

It can also be used in all kinds of dishes, desserts, salads, pancakes. 


What is CBD comb honey?

CBD comb honey is honey that is made 100% naturally. Our bees build the honeycombs from unique and real beeswax and nectar from our CBD flowers.


A CBD honeycomb consists of hexagonal cells. It is freshly constructed by the bees and is completely filled with CBD honey.


For that reason, a CBD honeycomb has a soft structure.


You can think of a honeycomb as 97% pure honey and 3% beeswax. If you have new honeycomb, it is very good to eat it with the honey itself. By the way, what you put in your mouth is not completely digestible. There is always some beeswax left over.


When eating our CBD honeycomb, the idea is to chew the beeswax into a small lump and ultimately spit it out!


Quantity: 230gr.

Shelf life: 1 year



300mg CBD+CBDA

0.02% THC


All our MysteryBees honey products contain no allergens.